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What is Wollemi Australia Pty Ltd?

The mission of Wollemi Australia Pty Ltd is to distribute the Wollemi Pine worldwide ensuring the longevity of the plant for future generations and returning royalties to fund conservation of the Wollemi Pine in the wild and assist other threatened and endangered species.

The Botanic Gardens Trust (Sydney) has licensed Wollemi Australia Pty Ltd to propagate and market the Wollemi Pine in Australia and internationally. A key conservation strategy of the Wollemi Pine Recovery Plan is to protect the wild population of these unique plants to ensure Wollemi Pines are growing in gardens, homes, and parks around the world.

Originally Forestry Plantations Queensland contributed by harnessing the horticultural talent and expertise of Queensland's public sector to successfully propagate the Wollemi Pine for eight years from 1999 and had developed a range of products including Wollemi Pine tissue culture.

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