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Wollemi Pine Competitions
National Water Week WaterWise Garden Competition 2007

10 of the most innovative ideas won a Wollemi Pine and a $50 Life is a Garden gift card.

WaterWise Competition Water for Life - National Water Week
Here were the tips for the competition:

1. Plants in the right location
A WaterWise garden can include a range of plants, provided each species is planted in the right location.  Low water use plants including most local Australian natives, lavender and succulents are more appropriate for sunny and/or exposed garden areas. Thirsty plants should be located in shady and protected areas.
2. Mulch
Applying mulch to a garden bed reduces evaporation of water from the soil, and helps reduce competition by weed species.
3. Soil type
Generally soils high in organic matter (such as compost) store water for longer. This means plants have to be watered less.

Enter by the end of National Water Week - 27 October 2007:

More information about National Water Week

International Release
Wollemi Pines are available in the following countries:

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