Wollemi Pine
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For information on Wollemi Pine in Australia:

  1. Online - for delivery to your door
  2. Phone - call 1800 WOLLIE or 1800 965 543
    (or +61 3 9751 9400)

Wollemi Pine sizes and prices:

Limited Stocks of new season Wollemi Pines are now available.
Order your piece of prehistory now.

Wollemi Pine

Sizes available:

150mm pot
A$115.90 ($99.00 + $16.90 shipping & handling)

200mm pot
A$195.50 ($170.00 + $25.50 shipping & handling).

300mm pot
A$499.00 + shipping & handling
(Shipping & handling starting at $50.00 based on location)

430mm pot
From A$1500 00 + shipping & handling
(Shipping & handling - P.O.A. based on location).

Please Note: We are currently only able to ship trees withing Australia.

Growing the Wollemi Pine
The Wollemi Pine will make an ideal feature tree for large gardens, and parklands, but can also be maintained in a pot on patios, verandahs and in courtyards. It can be used as indoor decoration in well lit areas and tolerates air conditioning.

The ultimate survivor, the Wollemi Pine has proven to be hardy and versatile in cultivation. It is not only attractive and striking in appearance, it is easy to grow and low maintenance. It will adapt to a diverse range of climatic conditions, thriving in full sun to semi-shaded outdoor positions.
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Images of the Wollemi Pine
Images of the Wollemi Pine
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